Monday, August 4, 2008

Olympics and $$$$

The Olympics are here. The next 18 days are going to be great. Yes 18 because soccer begins on Wednesday. For a big sports fan Junkie like me its great. I am going to be following the swim, Track & Field, Triathlon, Volleyball, Beach Volleyball, Basketball, Gymnastics and what every I found interesting like may be badminton or amateur wrestling or judo who knows.

But what Olympics have become. It a private enterprise that go country by country looking for who offer more money so they can host their game so basically the selection is not poor any more. And don’t forget about the big corporation money like NBC, Pepsi and Visa who owns part of the cake. That’s why many of the international Olympic Committee (COI) delegates are bank presidents and people owners of the capital. So basically this people haven’t played a single sport in their live are the one that control them. So the Olympics are about $$$$$ not any more about pride and representing their country.

As for my weekend it was training weekend. Friday I swam 3500 meters bike 27 miles Saturday I ran 12 miles and went to the mall with my girl friend. The mall is the hardest training for me. Sunday I bike 60.5 miles in the flat but against the wind.

This week also it’s going to be tough. So ill post on how thing goes

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