Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Please be more happy

Today I am going to post about something different from usual. What is wrong with the people? I received today 3 hellos in this way. Hi just another day or good mourning ready for another day or just another day.

Hey every mourning or almost every of them I wake up in full force (I am not a mourning person) or really in full force or just thankful to be wake up. Maybe since I am from another “country” or another world its have something to do with it. I commute happy or with a smile in my face to my work and trust me my job is not the most exciting in the world. It’s true I enjoy it. But my question is where the happiness or the joy to life. And please try to life to the fullest.

So please simile and say hello to everyone and enjoy life to the fullest

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Tri*22 said...

Great post! Also, fanastic job on the NJ tri. You and your girlfriend did an awesome job!