Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Frederick MD 1/2 marathon , My first alone start

The mourning started at 4:30 when I wake up. We left at 5:00 to the race it was a 40 minute drive. At 5 45 we were at the high way stuck in the traffic jam because of everybody trying to get to the race. So at 6 05 I told my girl friend that I was walking to the start. So the funny thing happened. A lot of runners started walking to the race site in the middle of the highway. It was funny and at the same time I felt sorry for the runners that were doing their first marathon. All the pressure plus stalk at the traffic jam. I was like kilometer walk so wasn't that bad. Sine I was doing this for training I wasn't worried at all. I got to race site that by the way was a horse racing facility. I was there at 6 20 the race was supposed to start at 6 30. But as always before a race I have to do my toilet trip. The line was long. So the race started and I was on the line and we started chant our fellow runners. After 11 minutes finally I started the race ALONE , no body was around.

The race went great I started at 8:40 mile pace and continued like that for the 1st 6 miles. The course was nice. Through old town Frederick and then to some nice old houses. The course has some minors hills but not hard at all. The 6 miles went through a parking lot of a mall. Then through some nice rural areas. When I hit mile 11th my watch said 1:34:40 so I said to my self let see if Ican put less than 1:50. I started to push the pace and hit mile 12 in 1:41:55. Great I was in good pace to break it and with less than a KM i get the hard hill of all it was like a 150 mts of pure incline so I said there 1:50:00 will be find. I just role to the finsh passing people and went I enter the horse racing site I saw this girl having problem and I pushed to come with me and she finished strong. My official time was 1:50:55, not bad for a training run. 247 out 18??, age group 47 out 128 ok.
Race over view good race, I ll do it again but they have to work the traffic so it easier for runners to get in.
Highlights of the race the lonley start
A cuban food place that I saw and I wonder it was going to be open after race so I can go and eat good food. It was close
score 9 out of 10

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