Friday, April 11, 2008

A great week a better weekend

I have so much going right now that I haven't post in a few days.
My boca jrs lost 3- 1 to Atlas so they are complicated to reach the next round ... I as always might happen never but never count BOCA out the 22 is the deciding game ill keep every one posted ..
My DCU won 2-1 against Pachuca and its amazing watching the difference's of level between both team. DCU didn't pass to the next round.. but the team will do well at MLS I ll let you know pics coming soon

On NCAA mens basketball Memphis lost for 3 reasons:
1.bad free throw shooting
2.pure execution down the stretch
3.bad referee's

On my triathlon training; the day today was great (80) so i bike for 2 hours, 35 miles and swam 1800 not bad
Yesterday I biked 12 in 45 minutes
Training is going good getting ready for the first triathlon of the season next weekend

I survived the first round of ...... i keep you posted
training this weekend is going to be great so be aware take care
And have a great weekend

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