Sunday, December 20, 2009

So you want to do an Ironman? be ready to spend $$$

You want to do an Ironman this how much it will cost you.
Race fee a year in advance 550$$$ plus the service fee which is around 50-60 $$ don't remember.
Traveling. Depending on where you live this may vary but if you flight 200-400 if you drive 100 to 150. If you flight and drive 500$+

Bike shipment if you drive this does not apply. Most airlines charge 100 -150 each way Shipping your bike will cost 110. You have the option of tri bike transport which I use and I recommend that your bike get there in one piece and after the race you just give it back to them.Price 250$$$

Hotels or guest houses. If you live close to the race this don't apply but be ready to spend between 75 to 125 per night. Many race site requires a minimum 2 to 5 nights. Depending on the race.
Add food of 30- to 40 per day
In the IM you will spend at least 300$$ on IM branded because you are going to be an Ironman and you want everybody to know it
To this add cost of running shoes and bike fit during training plus all the nutrition products you buy during training.

So yes is around 2000$$ that you will spend for and Ironman and Yes is worth it

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