Thursday, October 29, 2009

Rough night

I ate or drink something yesterday that Kick my stomach and late on my run in the last lap of my run I poop or pup on my self.I was mess up and my sleep has suffer. So here I am at 5:20 writing about it with some good music and thinking on how the hell I am going to work at 7 and how I am going to put my bike ride tonight without proper sleep rest and eating.

Other than this little accident everything has been going great.Training has been good as I am in the late stages of preparation for IM Arizona. Yes the day is less than a month it is just around the corner. It has been a journey in a good way. Training for and Ironman teach you a lot of stuff about your self is tough more on the mind than the body. Everything has been hard in a good way.

I have been a bad blogger in fact because of training and also because the internet connection at my place "free because I don't feel paying for it" work some times and others not.

If you know last week at my home country there was a huge explosion of oil containers. This was rally hard for me because my dad is the GM of the company not the owner so it was really a difficult time for my family. My dad and me haven't had the greatest relationship a father and can have but I can say something he is one hell of a hard worker and I know is a hard time for him because less than 4 month ago he lost his mom. I don't know what caused the explosion just in case you are wondering.

To the people running new-york Marathon this weekend good luck I have been there for the last 2 years and due to Ironman training I wont go this year but enjoy the experience because is something out of this world

Is a great time for sports fans World Series (hope the Yankees don't win) a NFL season getting better the NBA just starting the soccer in Europe and MLS playoffs plus the NCAA basketball just around the corner plus their other sports like Football (which i don't follow due to the stupid crap bowl system) men and women soccer ,cross country and women volleyball.

Have to rest so enjoy your weekend and if you wonder what I was listening go to the link below
they are one of the greatest rock bands of all time from Argentina


TJ said...

I had a rough night, too. But, it was mostly from the leg cramps. I'm glad the long runs are over... until race day!

Lacey Nicole said...

ohhh no i hate that-- it actually happens to me often, i have a very sensitive stomach. and if it interrupts sleep then the whole next day is hardly any better. sleep-eat-train is like the trifecta of necessity.

you are very serious about your training!!! that is awesome! i wouldn't worry too much about the blogging, as long as you check in every now and again :) LESS THAN A MONTH til IM AZ!!! VERY exciting stuff :)

good luck in these last few weeks!!!!!

sorry about your dad, too :( sounds like he is going ot have a few headaches over that.

i kind of wish i was in NYC this weekend! i have never gone to the marathon. that's too bad you can't go when you usually do!!

Rainmaker said...

Sometimes there are snags, sounds like you pushed trhough them. Looks like you're in the final build and ready to start tapering. Enjoy it!