Monday, October 12, 2009

Fall and training

The fall is here.all day here have been in the 50's so that tells you that is the beginning of the cold chili season in the DC/VA/MD.
With that I did this weekend the Baltimore 1 /2 marathon as a training run in preparation for the IM in 6 weeks or 40 days however you like it more. Is my 3rd straight year doing that race and I love it for some reason. walking through the 2 stadiums before the start of the race and running through all Baltimore is awesome from the ghetto to the nice neighborhoods the park the tiger the music is nice. Don get me wrong is a tough maraton or 1/2 but fun. Coach told to try to run on zone 3 all the way and not go to zone 5 on the hills and I did just that had a great fun race. The time 1:40:33.
On the afternoon I did what 90% of the triathlete in the universe did watch the Hawaii or Kona Ironman (is not a world Championship more on this on another post). Was a great race as usual and watching the performances of Chrissie Wellington (winner)Chris Lieto (bike) and Craig Alexander (winner) and Mirindia Carefree (run) were amazing. It gave me a good mind set for my century ride the next morning. Next morning It was century ride day. My plan was to drive to la Plata MD and do a su ported ride over there but I woke up late? 7 am and I had to woke up at 5 so I decided to do it around here the Montgomery county Frederic county and DC Area. In total it took me 6 hour to do 102 miles with 2 stops for bathroom and eating. I was really Happy with my ride first because I come from 1/2 marathon the day before 2nd it was windy at the beginning and hilly and give a good feeling getting ready for IM.After the ride I did a quick 3.2 mile run. I was tier but I did it in less than 27 minutes so that put on the 9 minute mile pace so wasn't bad. The rest of the day I Pass out period
This week is going to be hard training week as I will put between 20 to 23 hours of training in preparation for the IM. And yes I work full time

I will try to blog about certain topics regarding some currents event but I dont know if will have time due to training.
Happy week

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Rainmaker said...

Very nicely done on both fronts. A solid half-mary and a well executed bike. Looks like you're on a great approach for Arizona.