Friday, October 2, 2009

Augusta 70.3 pictures

Here are some pics from the race
click here from the race
Here are mine

The sun glasses that I have been using in the last few races are not sports sunglasses in fact they are stylish sun glasses that got on sale from Kenneth Cole for 40 $$ a few months ago.I try them once for a practice bike ride and they cover you completely so they have become sports regular glasses and they are awesome.
Happy Weekd and good luck for evreyone that is racing


Gabriele said...

Nice pictures Eric! Estas pelu recortate!

irotante said...

Mi enhorabuena por tu éxito y a hora buen descanso

Lacey Nicole said...

hahaha that is funny about the Kenneth Cole glasses!! I am surprised they stay on your face for all of that. great photos!!! you look really strong!