Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Home

if you follow me on twitter you know that I was moving. The reasons behind this move were many. So here they are I move to the DC area more than 2 years ago for a job and to live in a true city with a metro (train) and good public transportation system in general and well to try to live with out a car. On March of this year I landed a new job with a good company and better $$everything. The only bad thing was in Gaithersburg MD and me living in Arlington VA was kind of far without a car. I try to do the metro trip and it was 3 hours a day and 10.50 each day not worth it On May I took over the my brother car who was finishing school and began to drive up there. the commute on the mornings was not bad but in the afternoon was horrible, over an hour. On June my building told me that they were rising my my rent 100$ so with a high rent of almost 1200$ a car that's pay 225 plus insurance and gas expenses. I said to my self I needed to move to save a few $$$$. I began looking close to my work because I was not going be driving more the 25 minutes for my job because that goes I against my belief at least for now.I landed a good deal and place in Germantown MD. is only 10 minutes from my job and is close to a nice pool and some good back roads for cycling and many school tracks for running. I will be in the DC area just 20 miles north and living the suburban live. So from Arlington VA to Germantown MD is my new location.
I am really positive about this change in terms of commute and to save some $$$ as for training. The only negative is that there are not to may places to go out so my social live will be worst than what it is already.
about training before today it consisted on packing lifting carrying and climbing stairs. Not good when your next race the week after a move but more on that later.
Happy free Monday

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Lacey Nicole said...

it's not that far away from the city so i suppose you can always make it a point to go in to do things!!! good luck with your move!!