Friday, September 11, 2009

Nations Triathlon Race Weekend

Ok if you asked me 2 or 3 weeks ago I was looking forward to this race but then something call MOVE came and mess up my training schedule my daily routine and everything. I miss my key work outs last week so my expectations are kind of low right now. I was hopping to break 2:20 but I really don't thing I am there at least mentally.Plus add the fact that there are 6000 people registered, that doesn't mean all 6000 will start I expect around 1500 to be missing due to injury, not training or party all summer long in the DC Area.You add those 4500 to small roads on the bike and you know there is going to be some traffic on the bike will see how we deal with it. In the positive side I am on the first age group wave so that means I shouldn't have the crowded streets, hopefully. This race is well organized so should be fun to be part of it.
So Goals for this weekend are simple,
A)have fun
B)try to improve
C)see were you fitness level is
D)Have fun !!!!
E) get your mind set to IM 70.3 Augusta in 2 weeks

Good luck to every one doing IM Wisconsin and Nations hope to see my bloggers friend over there


Lacey Nicole said...

A B C D E!!!! i love how you write out your goals/thoughts pre race. i should do this more often!!! whew augusta in 2 weeks--!!! i wonder what the weather is gonna be???

good luck and definitely enjoy yourself!!!!!!!!!

Shannon said...

I'm leaving in an hour! My expectations are low as well, just have fun!

Can't wait to see you. I'll email my cell #.

Rainmaker said...

Good luck tomorrow!