Monday, August 10, 2009

I m back

Well again I have been missing in action the reason or reasons are: I have been training a lot, All sorts of web address that have a blog on are block now at my work (wonder why) I have been celebrating my team championship since last Monday Do I said I have been Training.
Thats all about I have been doing working and training eating and sleeping.

This week was my first week of IM training it was hard but good I put a solid week and I am looking forward for the next 1.

I promise Ill be back with some interesting news later this week


Rainmaker said...

Interesting news ehh?

Lacey Nicole said...

what's your favorite food to re-fuel with after a hard workout??

irotante said...

Hola amigo leo un poco con el traductor automático pero no es lo mismo,Espero que todo marche bien yo el sábado acudo a Italia hacer un ironman distancia espero de terminarlo.