Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Love the summer

Have you seen how nice is outside this day enjoy it is the best time
About me I had the second dc triclub training tri this past Sunday and I went 90 seconds slower than the first one. My heart rate was up most of the race. I had a slower run and a slow transition. The day before I ate like a pig had put 14 hours of training that week. So I guess all those factor influence and honestly my mind wasn’t at the race. But after all is just a training tri.

I talk to my coach this weekend too he is really happy with my performance. Explain my next step in training. He is giving me 2 weeks low really low training before we began building for IM Arizona. I have a nice trip going back home for a weekend. That one will be no training at all so that’s good and I am looking forward to that so I can visit some family and some good old friends and bars. Also if my team make it to the finals I ll be going to a game of them which I am looking forward to it.

The posted video and is from my team advancing to the semifinals hope you enjoyment


Lacey Nicole said...

i totally hear you on all factors related to performanc.e if i don't sleep enough or eat well (not too much) leading up to a race i am really just not there fully. i'm definitely enjoying summer!!!!! thanks for the video post!

Rainmaker said...

Now's a nice time for a training retreat...I wish I had one about now!