Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Weekend Recap

The weekend was great in all aspect.
Saturday I went to Heins point for a 2 hour ride. Over there I was involved in a small accident as a 225 lb female rugby player almost ran me over with her car because she was pist due to cyclist not allowing her to move fast. She was near me and instead of putting the signal to turn to park she just make a right and park. I was able to hit the breaks and slide so nothing major happened just a small fall. The b&^%$#$ didn’t even said that she was sorry and basically said it was my fault to be so close to the car. At that moment I wanted to punch her as everybody (Thriathletes in the area) saw that it was her fall. The bike was ok and I was ok. About punching the girl I might have had a the loosing part as that girl was huge like my height but at leas 60 pounds more. After the episode I was wondering if something had happened to me what her reaction will be it. I continue my workout, bike for 34 miles and ran for 3 1/2 miles. In the afternoon I went to the pool and swam 3000 yds. At night I watched the NCAA volleyball national Championship game between UC Irvine and USC it was a great game.

On Sunday I woke up at 7, eat something really quick and ran to the start of the ½ marathon that I was doing. Its great when you can jog to the start of a race that you are doing. Details of the race will come on the race report after this post. My time was 1:50:07.

After the race I hang out at the finish line with and met with some friend. Then most of those friends went out to DC to have a nice brunch by 2 most of them were really wasted so we left as I had to go to the pool to do a workout that I miss on Thursday due to work. Got home took a nap and went to the pool. After that I just enjoy the GIRO of Italy and the NBA playoffs.

Other notes The NBA playoffs and NHL Playoffs are really good. The Capitols- penguins game last night was really good intense and a great battle. I am not a Hokey fan I don’t even know the positions but the game was good. So I recommend everybody to watch game 7 tomorrow because is going to be wild.

Also the GIRO of Italy is underway and is being broadcast by NBC Universal sports so if you have chance check it out

As you can see the weekend was full of action and I have a blast

Have a great Week

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