Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Back to normal

After a wild family Weekend I am back to normal. Training this weekend was limited to running due to watching my brother playing his lasts baseball game.
MY brother is a great athlete.He also is a great baseball player and was the captain of his college team on his senior year. Unfortunate he got and injury 3 weeks ago on his knee. He have a torn ACL and a meniscus tear so he is getting surgery at the end of the month.It was a really emotional weekend for him as he know his career is over he have been playing baseball for the last 20 years. It was a great and I get to see my dad and spend some time with them. In fact it was a great weekend.
Now back to training for this week in order to focus on the ITU race on June 21st
Here are some Pics of this weekend

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Shannon said...

What a nice time you had with your brother & father. :)