Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Nationals Duathlons race report

Apparently races in the east cost this weekend were kind of shaking this weekend. I heard that the swim was cancel in St Anthony Tri in Florida. Well the National Du was not cancel but my wave have to be stopped for about 10 minutes but you won’t believe why.

I arrived on Saturday late afternoon to Richmond with the Coach. We went o have dinner with some folks from the Dc tri club (don’t remember the name of the place). We hang about 2 hours have dinner and went to our hotel. Set up everything and went to bed around 10:30. We wake up around 6 A.M. pack up and headed to the transition area. We were there around 7:30 my wave was for 10:50 but the coach was for 8:50. So I had to way 2 hours. The Coach went out and I was waiting in shades due to the hot. Around 10:00 it was already 90. I saw the coach coming to the transition and told me it’s a hard course. He went on the bike and I went to warm up.

The race began at 10:50 with around 70 people from age group and the relay people. Around 13 minutes in to the race I began to see a lot of athletes stopping at a certain point. I was wondering what was happening. When get closer I saw that the train was passing in the middle of the course and it was a huge cargo train with a lot of wagons I mean a lot. So that gave time for the whole wave to regroup take a break figure out and strategy a while we wait for official word. The racers came together to agree on a way to start all together so nobody has and advantage (great sportsmanship). Until the unthinkable happened the wave behind us women 30-34 arrive and start complaining acting wild trying to go through the train even if not was fully stop screaming and arguing because of the situation. After around 10 minutes we pass behind the train fully stop regrouped and went on the run. The rest of the run was hot and smooth. I passed a lot of people. Got into the transition exhausted to the huge hill before it. My T1 was ok a little bit slow as the coach was making fun of me. But honesty after that hill in 90 degree weather there is not much I can do. Started the bike knowing that there was a huge climb right off transition. So I went for it conquer it easily and from there went rolling the first 2 laps I was smoking but the 3rd one catch me and I apply just finish the best I can. I finish ok and from there went on the 2nd run. The 5 I just took the approach just roll through it because it was 97 already. Little by little my pace began to pick up. Went to the finish line quiker than expected. (The course was short for about ½ a mile).

Something like this was the train and imagine a bunch of athletes watching it pass

Immediately after crossing the line and getting some water the Race director came to me and apologizes about the train situation. For me it was class act for accepting a mistake on the race and hope other race companies take example (Set Up Events).

After went directly to the food tent and got 2 beers 2 burritos and 4 slices of pizza and like a liter of water I really need the food. I know that’s not the best way you should do nutrition post race but when is free you’ll take it. Hang out for a while with some dc tri folks and went back home.

This was my 2nd year doing this race. Last year was rainy, cold windy and with the bike course more technical and the roads not as good. This year they improve the race in every aspect except for the distance of the the 2nd run that was a ½ mile way off. If you want to taste a an Olympic duathlon I highly recommend this race both run and bike course are not flat they are hilly and technical is a challenging race.

The results by them 10k= 41:09 T1= 1:18 bike= 1:17:56 avg MPH 18.2 T2= 1:22 5k= 23:37 Total time= 2:25:20
The results by my watch 10k= 46:09 T1= 1:18 bike= 1:17:56 avg MPH 18.2 T2= 1:22 5k= 23:37 Total time= 2:30:20

Goals achieved = age group place 34/60 with out counting the DQ/ DNF add like 5 or 6 more, Didn’t finish last in my age group.

Improve 17 minutes from last year, 3 minutes on the first run, 11 minutes on the bike and like 2 minutes on a real 5 k.

Coming in to this race I new how competitive the field was going to be so my expectations were just to improve as this was not an A race.

The goodies were great so you recover the money on there and the food

Finally the Coach was really happy with my performance and over all I was happy. He now knows how hard the bike was so he was happy with my performance.

Next race for me is the ITU age group at Washington DC only 8 minutes from my bed.

Happy Tuesday


tfh said...

I think you did great-- esp. with that heat! Wow.

Shannon said...

Awesome, I would of dropped for sure with all that heat. Interesting (Set up Events) second time I've heard them F-up an event. They had to know about the train.

Rainmaker said...

Awesome job - very nice first race of the year!

And the train - who would have thunk? A good story to tell at least!