Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Snow Tuesday

It is snowing just a little bit but ..... enough to cause a mess around here.

Yesterday I bike for 30 minute at the trainer and hit the gym for a lower body work out. Then HEROES. The first episode or episode 14 of season 3 was great. If it continues to go like that its going to be interesting.

Today I am heading for the pool and another trainer workout let see how it goes.

Leave Michael Phelps relax, alone or what ever. he have not have any childhood or teenage years he have been training for the last 12 years of his live. Let him live his life after all a former president admitted that he smoked weed too.


tfh said...

Have a great workout today. I agree about Michael Phelps. It's ironic to me that the media once glamorized his super-unhealthy junk food diet, which is a bigger threat to our national health than marijuana use BY FAR whether we're athletes or not.

Lacey Nicole said...

i completely agree with you and tfh,... he's 23!!!! he's just a kid. he's a decent role model an AMAZING athlete, and we should let him enjoy his youth.

Rainmaker said...

Bummer about the snow - i'm out of town and missed it!

Shannon said...

I agree about Michael Phelps....but it is a good lesson about consequences. You play....you pay.....those companies are spending millions and he goes and gets pictures taken making mistakes? ouch,,,,hard lesson

I actually feel sorry for the cat, his microscope is way too big.