Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Slopy Wedenesday

Its raining... Didn't sleep well last night .... Yesterday I had an easy 4 mile training run .. Today the plan to hit the pool and swim if I am no to tier and then bike on the trainer.

I want to comment on baseball today.
I hate baseball. In my country is a tradition but I don't like it.
The steroid cases are bad but what piss me up that the congress seems to no care like they do in other cases like running cycling and wrestling (wwe or wwf how ever you like to call it)
A little bit of history first. (Before the strike it was use but not in a large scale) The steroid use was aloud on baseball players since the late 90's. After 1994 strike that ended the season and did no came back until 1995. After that the league was in a great crisis due to fans not going to the park. So why they decide to do aloud players to take some nice "kool-aid" or something like that to have more power so they can hit a lot of homers and bring the fans back. Evidence the Brady Anderson from Baltimore hitting 50 homers in 1 season and then disappearing from the map. The 98 home run race between Sammy Sosa and Marc Mcguier. 2001-2002 Barry bonds hitting over 120 homeruns in 2 seasons. In that same season Benito Santiago having monster number when he was in hit late 30's. Want more Arod having huge numbers. After all this came out look at the Homerun stats they have dramatically come down. Having this in mine is who is responsible for this. Because is obvious that MLB authorities knew this and stay shut. In my opinion Bud Selig the commissioner of Baseball. Then why the congress keep going after players. Because they want them to hear they admit and thats it. In 1994 the congress went after Vince McMahon owner of the then WWF now WWE because of steroid distribution and encouragement to use to their wrestler. ( Steroids use in wrestling is popular from early 1980's to the present)If you want know more about the wrestling business I recommend the movie The wrestler which is nominated for an Oscar for best performing actor for Mickey Rourke, Jr. Its a great movie even if you hate wrestling. Back to steroid situation on baseball for me is the same situation as Wrestling and Bud Selig knew about it and instead of stopping it he just shut up and aloud until the its explode. For this action he responsible for all this mess and is up to the congress take some action on him and his staff no on the players. Because a lot of players have died or are suffering the consecuenses of steroids abuse just as the wrestlers he and the league enjoy success and money just as in wrestling. Example of a baseball player that pass away Ken Caminiti 1996 MVP.
So is up to congress to look at the commissioner and not the player.
In Cycling if they cactch you using steroids the whole cycling team get suspended no just the cylyst maybe here in the USA should copy that and a 2 year passport to jail.
For me is using steroids is worst that gambling in dog fights.

Happy Wednesday


Lacey Nicole said...

WOW that is great that the consequence in cycling is for the whole team. truly your actions affect others... don't be so selfish, right?!?! i'm not really a baseball fan either, i get bored. huge college hoops fan, i'm loving clemson this year. do you have favorites? hope you get some sleep tonight. being tired really takes its toll on all areas of life.

Rainmaker said...

Wow, nice little rant! I agree, but unfortunately drugs are in every sport - it's only cycling and baseball where it's really come out.