Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Secret of How To Qualify for Boston (and other big goals).

Well the theme for today form Tiart.
I have never qualified for Boston. So I can't say how do it. Since my qualification range is 3:10 and for me is out reach at least this year. All I can say is that I divide the marathon in 4 10k races and 2km or 5 laps to a track. So for me qualifying for Boston would require me to run a 4 10ks around 45 minutes each one with out resting and the survive the last 2 k to be around 3:10 mark area. So is all about pacing and dividing the race.
Yesterday I bike for 30 minutes and that was about it today I have to run, doesn't matter how cold it is.

I ll be back for the later with the 2009 season schedule

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tfh said...

I like thinking about different ways to divide the marathon. Otherwise it just seems too darned long. 3:10 seems like a very tough qualifying time. I'm not sure the HUGE difference between men's and women's qualifying standards is fair or accurately reflects the differences between their capabilities.