Friday, January 9, 2009

Cold weekend

This weekend is cold and I am going to use it get back on track in all aspects of my daily living. I will train and do other stuff. This new year I plan to implement some changes so as this being my first true weekend of the new year I am going to start.

On other stuff The Gaza situation is bad and the USA who always support Israel not mention a lot. Let hope the new guy at the house do something right about it.

The NFL playoffs are in full force and some game are really exciting to watch. My GF that hate NFL watch the IND SD game last Saturday and she admitted that it was exciting. The AFC is wide open and both game are going to be closed. NFC is I think the Giants are one step ahead of the rest

In the European Futbol now is a great time to watch because players are in their top shape.

The following pic are from a 5k that I did December 27

Have a great weekend


Allistar:) said...

My opinion about NFL still stays the same , but i liked that game though, Wow I like the pics I had a fun time at that race even though you crushed me jk haha love you

Rainmaker said...

It looks like you beat her? Congrats!

And welcome back!