Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A 29 deegree Wednesday

Yes that temp as I post cold cold, officially my 2009 training has started. Yesterday I went to the pool and swam 2300 meters in 56 minutes. Is kind of slow but considering I haven't swim since October it wasn't that bad. Then I went to the trainer and did a 30 minute jog. So I have been doing stuff for the last 3 days so that have me going. The pool last night felt great on the body I really mis it.

Is freezing here at least for me and is going to get worst so I just try to be warm and stay inside for the rest of the week.

In other note yesterday I was having lunch at work and while I watched every body eats. I just began wonder in what part of growing up lunch becomes so burring. I remember when I was at primary school way in to 9th or 10th grade you ate and the go and do some type of physical activity. In my case my lunch time was for playing volleyball or basketball. Of course I had a restriction that the voley coach or basketball couldn't catch me if we had game that afternoon we should be resting in stead of playing. Dam I love those lunch time. I began to wonder when lunch time become so bore. Never mind that was just a glimpse that I had. Lunch should be made to eat and play something fun.
I know I have options like jog or hit the gym but is not the same as playing with your classmates

have a great evening and keep yourself warm


Lacey Nicole said...

what would your ideal lunchtime be now that we're older? i think i'd like to do something out of office, maybe a run+shower and then sit+read+eat somewhere :) nobody has that much time here, tho, we all sit and eat and work.

tfh said...

That sounds like a good swim to me. Yeah, I wish I could go play during lunch-- instead I either work out or read blogs.

Shannon said...

It's cold outside.....