Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Is 60 outside

Is 60 degrees out side feel so good. A great break of the 30's make me feel so good. I am running at noon with my coworkers. Is raining but I take the rain in 60 degrees.

There is a situation going on Greece is interesting to see how the US news monopoly presented it.

Other than that not much to comment.

by the way in 13 days I ll be here


Lacey Nicole said...

where is the waterfall? that's so awesome you can run at lunch with coworkers. how far do you guys usually go? it's 60 today in boston,... but supposedly supposed to be back to cold+SNOW starting tomorrow... i'm gonna enjoy it while it lasts :)

Shannon said...

71.6 outside right now!!!

Get outside Eric! :)

Do Nations Tri, we can meet up.....

tfh said...

It is SO warm out. I am just worried about tomorrow when all the rain freezes and the ground is sheer ice.

Allistar:) said...

nice post baby whats going on in greece