Monday, December 8, 2008

Cold weekend but I trained

This weekend was extremely cold around here even it snow a few inches but is enough to cause some mess around here. On Saturday was cold so after and my complaining about it here I hit the trainer for and hour and then went to the gym to do some upper body. After that we went to grocery shopping. On Sunday I went and fight the cold to run 10 miles. It 33 degrees with a wind chill of 22. I just focus on completing the run. The time was 1:29 for 10.3 miles that is not bad and will help for my 10k next week. After that I spend the afternoon cooking and watching some futbol and chill out with my gf.

For the next 2 weeks I want train as much as possible so I can spend Christmas eating as much as possible. After this cold weekend I am counting the days so I can go back home. The count number is 15 days right now. So for the 15 days I am going to be posting a random picture of where I might be at Christmas, new years and 3 kings

Have a great week and happy Monday

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