Friday, October 31, 2008

NYC Marathon weekend

This weekend I ll be running my 4th marathon and 3rd NYC marathon. I am here today at home resting and preparing everything. I will be leaving tomorrow at 7 am on the bus. Since today is Halloween I decided to leave tomorrow so I can spend Halloween at my own bed and place and avoid any temptations of going out on NY. After all NY is the capital of the world and party. I ll be heading down on a bus for 4 hours. I did that because was the best way to save some $$$$. I have done the trip before and is not bad and the bus is really comfortable. Let see how this goes. As for race day the weather is going to be runners friendly with a high temp of 53 as of today. This will be ideal running conditions.
As I have said before my goal for this marathon was to do 3:30. But since 2 weeks ago my IT band have been bothering. Because of this I don't know if it will hold for the entire race so if I do between 3:30 and 3:40 I will be extremely happy.

Tomorrow at expo I am going to try to get the autograph of Dean Karnazes Bart Yasso and Tim Deboom. From the 1st 2 I have read their books so yes I am taking the book with me. The other guy is a Pro triathlete that took a year off because he was tired and now his is coming back plus he write on a monthly base for Triathlete magizine.

So let see how my journey goes this weekend my computer is not coming (my rule of thumb is when you travel for fun PC are not well come) so probably I wont post till Tuesday mourning.

Have a great weekend and good luck pr those running too

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