Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fun run? Noooot

Yesterday I needed to run at least 6 miles and my plan was to run slow. I went to a fun run, sponsor by a store near my home. The people were really cool. But once their started it felt like a race. Everyone went out really hard. So I was supposed to run slow I got caught in the hard pace and as soon as I noticed it I slow down. But doesn’t matter were I have done fun races the stat is always like a race. I mean were of the fun part go. Fun run are meant to be that fun.

As for training today I will have a long session of swimming and biking. Will see how its goes.

Just the Olympics have started with the soccer.

Hopefully at the end of the ceremony in 20 days I don’t want to hear COI president saying this are the greatest games of all time because for the pollution they shouldn’t be

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