Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Olympic week

We have witness one of the greatest athletics performance of all time. Michel Phelps did something amazing. Out of this world. Simply amazing. But not just Phelps the Jamaican Usain Bolt just crushes 100 meters less than 9.70 seconds. It was amazing. The women marathons I won’t comment it because I haven’t see it. But I always have been a fan of Constantina Tomescu she have been around a long time and always in the top 5 finishes in most major marathons like NY Chicago Boston. So congratulations to her. My favorite was Paula Radcliffe but she was injured so manage just to finish. The women Triathlon last night was simply amazing. The coverage just was great and with out any commentators even better. The Emma Snowsill performance on the run was just simply amazing. The swim part was great to watch all the swimmer together up close and analyze their technique. The placing was Emma Snowsill, Vanessa Fernandez, Emma Moffatt in that order. Congratulations to Luara Bennet she had a great performance she just couldn’t hang on the run.
The Olympics have been great. Keep in mind that this week are the most of the major team sports.
Tonight is the men’s triathlon watch it.
Tomorrow Brazil and Argentina on soccer plays on the semifinal. This is going to be the most watched team game in the world so if you have a chance to watch it do it doesn’t miss it. I am picking Argentina to win in a really close game.

Also as a super volleyball fan the semifinals on beach volleyball are to night so watch them too.

About my race I will try to post a full report with pic!!!! Tonight or tomorrow.

I read an article on the local newspaper about a girl viewer complaining about men in beach volley ball not playing in Speedos as compare with the girl that are playing with bikinis. My response to that is that this is a market sport and I don’t think brands will sell Speedos as well as baggie shorts. An many of the do wear Speedos under their baggie shorts. It’s about marketing not about what to wear.

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