Tuesday, July 29, 2008

NJ Tri Race report (Finally a decent swim)

The NJ State triathlon was great race.

First I want give my condolence to the family of John Hobgood Jr. who died in the swim of the sprint race. He didn’t come out of the water so I assume the whole Olympic competitors swam over him.

The swim part of the race went great maybe because I was there early and I warm up 5 to 8 minutes. I was in the first wave with the entire pros, so I knew that it was no going to be as rough of a start. The swim went great except for a few competitors that by the middle of the race were getting tired and suddenly stopping I was hitting them or the opposite. Other than that I felt great.
Finish the swim in 31:18 this time has been the best swim over all of the season and it was with out a wetsuit so my little adjustment has been working.

T1 was the hardest part of the race for me because I had to walk barefoot to my bike on the concrete. That concrete was hard and it’s hurt on my feet. As of now my feet are steal sore. I got there and went out pretty fast. Well I thought that.

My goal for the bike was to try to average 20 MPH or more. To mount the bike I had to walk like 50 meters of hilly grass so it cost me like 30 seconds of my bike. When I mounted I started pedaling and the road was in great condition. The ride when smooth I get passed by a 10 super machines. In the last few miles I felt the ride ad I slow a little bit but I managed to sustain my pace. I finished in 1:08:59. I have a doubt of my average because the race said it was 23 miles and the results said it was 39 km so either way either way I managed to bike at least over a 20 MPH.

T2 went pretty quickly. Here at T2 I had the dilemma of running with socks or with out because my feet were sore from T1. I decided to put my socks evenly if it cost me a few seconds. T2 went smoothly in 1:55

The 10k was challenging but went great. It have some little step hills that make yours quad cry at some parts. Between mile 4 and 5 was the hardest part of that 10k. I managed to finish 48:02 for a 7:45 average per mile.

Total time was 2:32:56

Over all it was a great race for me because I managed to do well on 3 disciplines base on my capability. I know I need to get better on the bike but I am improving little by little. So that’s the main goal.

Next for me are Luray Olympic and Patriots ½ iron man.

Congratulations to my girl friend that finished 3rd on her age group and had the fastest bike split of her age group. Her swimming also improves a lot for this race.

I ll promise some pics later tonight

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Allistar:) said...

Ok im posting pics today as well, we did awesome in our race , I was so happy I got to watch you finish,(we smoked them) that was probably my favorite race.You blog are great I just keep forgeting to add the pics . Im going to start adding the slide show with our race photos. Ok Love you