Wednesday, June 4, 2008


It has been a while since I posted so here we go…

Friday I bike 45 minutes on a test Cervelo. It was from a test ride that the nearest bike store from my home was having. It was nice.
On Saturday I went for a 12 miles run at noon. A lot of people told me that I was crazy. But if later in the summer for some races I am going to be running at those conditions then I have to train the body for that. The run go ok but by mile 9 I got caught by a nasty storm. I had to take shelter under a small wooden house so I ll be protected from the lighting. I was stuck for 15 minutes. After that I run home just in time for the second storm. It was a fun experience being in a small forest in the middle of the storm.
On Sunday I bike 64 miles in less than 4 hours. I took the rest of Sunday off because I was tired.
On Monday I swim 2500 meters and its felt good being back to the pool after almost 2 weeks..
Tuesday I run intervals of 1:38 and 1:40 for 400 mts on the treadmill. It was supposed to be on the track but around 7 a tornado warning was issued so I thought that it wasn’t a good idea to go to the track. I went great. For cooling down I spin for 20 minutes on the bike trainer.
Wednesday (today) I am going to the pool to swim and then to watch the Boca game

Boca will be my next post Ill be back later.

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