Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sex and the city

This past Saturday I went to the movies with my girl friend to watch Sex and the city. I will confess here that I was a big fan of the series from 2001 all the way to the last episode in 2004. I did watch it basically to learn about girls/ woman what they thought and yes because I find it interesting to see different reaction on certain situations. After watching the movie I find it ok. Have a good story and nice fashion and photography. But how ever the most interesting thing was the amount of girls at the movies with personalities and style similar to the 4 characters of the movie. They were dress as them and acting as them. I have been noticing this trend in the last 3 years. Girls are acting in different manners as the characters of the series. So my opinion is that this series is a sociologically phenomenon. It has influence how girls, acts, dress, approach guys; see guys, relationships and why not how they hook up with them. This my personal opinion on the series influence on culture especially in girls. Feel free to comment

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Allistar:) said...

Wow me siento el mismo, aunque me gustó la película, es humorística. Su gracioso cómo una película puede crear su ánimo de la multitud. Hierro hombre está al lado te amo.
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