Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Recap of the last few days

My trip to Richmond this weekend went great. The Duathlon went great. I arrive Saturday around noon and went directly to pick up the race number.

Then took the afternoon to have launch with my girl friend and her friend and rest. My girlfriend friend live 5 minutes from the race site so it was perfect
Sunday I arrive the race site around 6:30. Since it was Sunday and like the las 10 Sundays the weather was a mess rainy and cold. I warm up and went to the toilet as always before a race.
The race Started and as I planned the night before I was going to race at 8 minute mile Pace for the 10 k and then survive in the wet roads on the bike. I put 49: 41 at 8:00 minute mile pace 10 k.

The t 1 went ok and then to the bike I was just hilly and technical. I manage to do by best but the course and the conditions didn't help. After seeing a lot of people crashing and walking back to the transition area I just took it easy and manage to survive. My time was 1:28 with an average of 17 MPH.

It was my slowest time ever on 25 miles but considering the course and the conditions it was ok. The T2 went fast.

The last 5 k was in 27 minutes for an average of 8: 43. The total time was 2:47:48.

The race was a great training for my A races later this summer.

After the race I went to a to a wine festival. Got a little bit wasted and the back to Arlington.

Monday I swam, back to the water
Today I took it off
Tomorrow Boca plays so will see what I can do.

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