Thursday, April 3, 2008

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The triathlon/running season begins this Sunday with Cherry blossom 10 miler at Washington DC. After saying no racing or formal competition in the first 3 month of 2008 only training the time has come to start the engines or in this case legs. This the first of many races this season were 2, ½ iron distance events and the NY city Marathon are the A races (important races of the season). Here you are going to know how my season goes up and downs on training and racing. Or what ever is going on so please welcome to my journey and enjoy.

2008 triathlon/ Running season

April 6 cherry Blossom 10 miler Washington DC
April 20 Kinetic sprint triathlon Lake Anna State Park, VA
April 27 US National Duathlon championship Richmond VA
May 4 Frederick ½ marathon Frederic MD
May11 Battle of the Boulevards 10 k Arlington VA (to be decided)
June 8 Yorktown sprint triathlon, Yorktown VA
June 29 Mountaineers ½ iron distance, Morgantown West VA
July 27 NJ Olympic triathlon NJ
August 17 Luray Olympic triathlon, Luray VA
September 6 Patriots ½ iron distance Williamsburg VA
September 28 Richmond Olympic distance, Richmond VA (to be decided)
October 4 sprint triathlon Lake Anna Beach Marina - Bumpass, VA
October 11 Baltimore ½ marathon Baltimore MD
November 2 NYC Marathon NY

Sprint swim 750 meters (½ mile) bike 20 k (12 miles) run 5k (3.1 miles)
Olympic distance 1.5k (almost a mile) bike 40 k (25 miles) run 10k (6.2miles)
½ iron distance 2k (1.2 mile) bike 89.6k (56 miles) run 21k (13.1miles) or 70.3
10 k = 6.2 miles
½ marathon 13.1 miles = 21k
Marathon 26.2 miles = 42k

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*DARE TO TRI* said...

Thanks for the comment! Funny how addictive all of this is huh? I really hope to do Patriot's half this year too :)Good luck with all of your upcoming races.