Thursday, April 17, 2008

Boca vs River or DCUnited vs Columbus Crew

Boca vs river or

DC United vs Columbus thats the thing

the press today in the dc/ northen VA area have been talking about this on all news paper and tv. Guillermo B Schelloto (el guille, Chapita, el Mellizo) faces Marcelo Gallardo (el muneco). Its funny because they are trying to creat a great hype between this 2 players because of their past between BOCA and River(argentine teams). This matchup is consider the best clasic or Derby of the world.

Well of this hype affects me because I am DCUnited fan but Boca Juniors is one of my favorites team and el Guille is the maxium Idol of my team. So who i cheer for. Probably both because i am loyal to both clubs. So tonight around 8 I ll be at the stadium cheering and having fun.

The game is at ESPN 2 live so see if you can catch me.

And by the way no training today

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